Wedding photography in Lytham St Annes. Capture every moment

If you live in the area it may pass you by, but there’s something wonderful about wedding photography in Lytham St Annes.

In addition to the parks and gardens there are dunes and beaches, windmills, rock gardens, sea and big, big sky. It’s a photographer’s dream.
I’m Luke Richards. I love wedding photography in Lytham St Annes because it allows me to blend all the emotion and personality of your day with the power of the landscape.

Your Lytham St Annes wedding. Your Lytham St Annes wedding photographer.

A wedding is made of moments. Big moments. Formal moments. Unexpected moments. And small, personal moments.

When you’re at the centre of the whirlwind that is your wedding day you can’t be expected to take it all in. You need a little help. That’s what I do.

I work with you to create a record of your day that captures all the moments you remember, and all the bits you missed because you were busy meeting, greeting and doing your duty. It’s those moments you’ll talk about again and again. And it’s those moments that will help you build the complete picture of your wedding.

The secret Lytham St Annes wedding photographer

You don’t get to capture the natural, spontaneous and unexpected if you’re in everyone’s face.

If you want highly orchestrated, staged shots that take an hour to compose then I’m probably not the Lytham St Annes wedding photographer for you.

If you want images that convey all the excitement, fun and magic of the day I probably am. In which case I’d love to talk to you. Please call me on 07766 385 515.

Tell your story – with Lytham St Annes wedding photography by Luke Richards.