What to check when booking a photographer for your Garstang wedding

Ok. You’ve browsed the websites of half a dozen of Garstang wedding photographers, and they all look good. So how do you decide who to choose? Here are a few tips…

Do more than look at the portfolio
Look through any professional wedding photographer’s website and the chances are you’ll find impressive imagery on them all.

But some will do more than look great. They’ll feel great, creating the sort of emotional reaction that makes you instantly realise you’re onto something.

‘You know it when you see it’ is never truer than when you’re searching for your ideal wedding photographer. So switch off the iPad and ask yourself which photographer’s images stick with you?

Check the photographer
A wedding photographer’s website should do far more than simply showing you the quality of their work. It can tell you what they’re like as a person.

So once you’ve checked the portfolio, check the About page, testimonials and reviews too. Together, they can give you an immediate feel for whether this is someone you’d want to work with.

I’m not talking about the experience to capture a great shot – although of course that matters. I’m talking about the sort of experience that enables your Garstang wedding photographer to step out from behind the camera and talk to people. Because when you’ve a big wedding party to marshal into place it’s no good cowering in fear behind your tripod. You’ve got to get out there and engage.

So check that portfolio again. Look at the breadth of material in portfolios and blogs. Do they show a variety of weddings, venues and imagery or are you being asked to make a decision based on a tiny sample?

Because if your Garstang wedding photographer doesn’t have a lot of weddings under their belt, how do you know that, when it comes to getting the best from your friends and family, they’ll be up to the task?

More for your money?
All Garstang wedding photographers’ prices vary, but sometimes the difference isn’t in the price; it’s what you get for your money.

So when you’re planning your wedding photography, check how long the photographer will actually be with you. Check what you’ll get once the big day is over – a physical album? Or a digital one? And check to make sure that when you’re comparing process, you’re checking like with like.

Choose the photographer for your Garstang wedding
Take a look at my portfolio and blog. Check my About page and what you get. And give me a call on 07766 385 515 if you need any more information. Then, once you’re happy that I’m the right wedding photographer for your Garstang wedding, I’d love to hear from you.

Tell your story – with wedding photography in Garstang by Luke Richards.