What happens in the period leading up to the wedding?

We’ll have what I grandly call a ‘pre-wedding consultation’. Actually it’s an informal chat which usually takes place when you book.
You’ll tell me your plans; I’ll ask you a few questions about timings and logistics.

I’ll call you a few days before the big day to make sure there are no last minute requests or changes.

Do you take ‘formal’ pictures?

Yes. Because it’s your wedding and I’ll take the pictures you want me to take, not just the ones I fancy doing. That said, the images my clients tend to return to again and again are more of a reportage style of wedding photography. You know the sort of thing – the shots that are more journalistic and capture a moment, a laugh or a look that otherwise might have been missed.

If you’d like some formal shots have a think about the number you’ll need and try and keep them to a minimum. Below 10 is usually best as that prevents your guests from standing around for too long without anything exciting happening.

On the day, I’d appreciate it if the best man could lend me a hand in identifying key individuals (so I don’t have to bother you) and helping to organise family groups.

Will you photograph everyone at the wedding?

Not everyone likes having their photograph taken. If someone asks me not to take their photograph I will use my discretion but I don’t want to offend anyone. For that reason, I can’t guarantee that everyone will appear on a photograph.

What happens if things run late?

If the wedding doesn’t run to time (for example, because the bride arrived extremely late to the church) I can’t guarantee to take a normal set of photos but I will do my absolute best to compensate. If I do have to work beyond the hours I’ve agreed with you the charge will be £50 per hour.

During the wedding (and afterwards) can you take whatever shots you/we wish?

Every venue has its own rules and I’m as bound by them as anyone else.

Some ministers, for example, insist that no flash photography is allowed. Others will ask that professional wedding photographers shoot from a specific location. So yes, I’ll always aim to complete the shots you ask for – and plenty more besides – but I can’t ignore ‘house rules.’

I suggest giving your wedding venue(s)/minister a call in advance of your wedding to avoid any nasty surprises.

Can we do whatever we like with the images you take?

English Copyright Law states that the copyright in photographs remains with the professional wedding photographer. But, provided the images remain for personal use only, I’m happy for you to have the copyright in the images I provide – so you can print them or share them with friends as much as you like.

If at any point you (or your friends) decide you’d like to sell the images, you’ll need my permission. Just get in touch.

Do you use the images you take for your own advertising?

Yes, sometimes – although it’s rare that images would appear anywhere other than my website and the occasional wedding brochure. If you’d rather not be included please let me know.

What happens if you’re ill on the day?

It’s never actually happened, but if I am too ill or injured to carry out your wedding photography I’ll do all I can to secure a replacement.

I usually have a second professional wedding photographer on standby.

How do you store the images you take, and what happens if they get lost or destroyed?

I back up the digital images I take on separate storage media throughout the wedding. I always keep duplicate equipment on standby too, just in case anything breaks or malfunctions.

It’s extremely unlikely, but if images do get lost, stolen or destroyed you only pay for the images I’m able to supply.

What happens to our deposit if we cancel the wedding?

I’m afraid the booking deposit is non-refundable.

How long will it take for my album to arrive?

I’ll have your proofs ready to view within 21 days of the wedding. Once you’ve selected your album images it’ll take me around 28 days to design the album and another 30 days for print and delivery.

I’ll have your photo DVD with you in around XX days.

Let’s talk about your wedding. Please call or mail me.