How far can you expect your wedding photographer to go?

I don’t mean in terms of achieving the perfect shot; I mean literally and geographically. When you’re booking your wedding photographer, how far should you expect them to travel?

On the face of it, it might seem like a bit if a daft question. If you’re getting married in France, for example, why on earth wouldn’t you choose a French wedding photographer?

Well, you might do just that. But if you know a really good local photographer – perhaps one who’s already covered a relative’s wedding – you might prefer to use them. That way, you know what you’re getting and you know there won’t be any cultural or language barriers.

But will they be willing to travel?

Well, and I’m speaking purely personally here, that depends.

My core work is local. I’m a Preston wedding photographer covering wedding photography in Preston and Lancashire. It’s not unusual for me to travel further afield. I do cover weddings in the South Lakes and Yorkshire. And with my corporate hat on I’m often in London doing commercial photography shoots and I’ve been known to cover weddings in the capital too.

But if you’re getting married overseas, it really comes down to whether a) you’re willing to pay travelling expenses etc for me to cover your overseas wedding and b) whether there’s room in the diary for not just the wedding, but the travel to and from.

I do cover overseas wedding photography – in fact I love doing it. I’ve covered a couple of weddings in France quite recently. It just takes a bit of working out.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the sooner we can chat about it, the greater the chance I’ll be able to say yes. So as soon as you can, give me a call on 07766 385 515.

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