The Preston wedding photography works

When a wedding photographer says they will “capture the story of your day”, what exactly do they mean? Well, with a little help from Nicola and Darren, it goes something like this…

Eaves Hall Wedding Venue

Arriving at the wedding location
Early April, Eaves Hall, near Clitheroe. It’s been a while since I was here for a shoot and I’ve almost forgotten just how great a venue it is. I arrive in the morning, and first job is a quick scout of the place to refresh the memory re locations and check that something is growing in the grounds to add a splash of colour to the shots. We’re in luck – the daffodils are nodding their heads beneath the trees. I’ll be back here later.

Bridal prep
Nicola is already here, with her bridesmaids, mum and friends all helping out. Capturing bridal prep photography feels as though you’ve got a privileged backstage pass. It’s a chance to use the camera to ‘report’ events, capturing the moments that, but for the photograph, no one would ever see. A row of shoes, almost ready for action. A dressed but empty ceremony room. A hug between grandmother and daughter. It’s always one of my favourite parts of the day.

Grandmother & Granddaughter Hugging

Here come the boys
A single location really helps tell the story of the day so much more completely. When you’re at a bride’s home, it’s difficult (and often impossible) to capture anything of the groom’s preparation. But here at Eaves Hall, it’s simply a matter of heading outdoors, where Darren and his boys are (slightly nervously) waiting.

Darren with his 2 sons

I do
How do you make your Lancashire wedding photography look that little bit different? Well, here’s an idea. Instead of focussing on the kiss, focus on the reaction to the kiss. I love the bridesmaids’ reaction here.

Nicola & Darren's Bridesmaids

Portrait shots
I’m remembering that its only April, the sun’s struggling to make much of an appearance and my subjects will be shivering if I don’t get a move on. Time to capture as many wedding portraits as I can, as quickly as possible. Also time to revisit those daffodils.

Girls in front of daffodils

The journey to first dance
My wedding photography is about trying to capture the things you don’t see. Everyone’s waving an iPhone around, but not everyone’s really seeing the most interesting things in the frame. So when it comes to the wedding breakfast and beyond, that’s what I’m looking for, be it Nicola’s reaction to a joke in the speeches…

Nicola laughing at wedding speech joke

Or the intricacy of her hair, plaited with flowers (because brides don’t usually get to see the back of their own heads!)…

Nicola's hair

First dance is my cue to pack up and leave Nicola and Darren to enjoy the rest of their night. For me, editing a million shots awaits. But as you can see, booking me as your Lancashire wedding photographer really does mean getting me for the whole day. After all, you’ve a heck of a story to tell.

Want me to tell yours? You’ll find me here.

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