Last minute at Last Drop

Emilia and Chris tie the knot, literally, at Last Drop Village.

Emilia Being Escorted to Her Wedding

I get lots of calls about late availability. Sometimes the planned photographer falls ill. Sometimes plans change. And sometimes what starts out as a plan for a friend or relative to cover the day on their iPhone, changes late in the day when everybody realises that a) the friend or relative would prefer to enjoy the wedding rather than work at it and b) they’ve never done a professional photo shoot in their life.

Often, prior bookings mean I’m simply not free. But when Emilia and Chris called, asking for a limited shoot to cover just the main event and a few bride, groom and family portraits afterwards, there was an Emilia & Chris-sized gap in the diary.

Emilia & Chris Tie The Knot

Tying the knot
As you might expect as a Lancashire wedding photographer, I see a lot of weddings. Although the days stay (surprisingly) distinct and separate in my mind, I must admit the ceremonies themselves tend to merge after a while. So it takes something particularly refreshing to divert my attention from the camera.

Emilia and Chris had that sort of ceremony, from a celebrant so good I promised I would give her a mention. Se here she is:

Liz Thompson, Unity Ceremonies
Mobile: 07969 063 805
Skype: @LizatUnity
Website: Unity Ceremonies
Facebook: @LizatUnity

Chris & Emilia Bind Hands

One of the things I liked most about what Liz did was her visual approach to the ceremony. The literal binding together of hands was done so touchingly, and it worked perfectly for the pictures!

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