5 things your Lancashire wedding photographer should do/be

Everything just perfect. That’s what your wedding day should be. So it’s worth researching Lancashire wedding photographers to find just the right one…

Your Lancashire wedding photographer should:

1.   Be distinctive. What’s the point in having wedding photography that looks the same as everyone else’s? When you’re choosing your Lancashire wedding photographer, look for a style you love, and an ability to create shots you that make the most of subjects and surroundings.

2.   Know the area. It really is no excuse to miss bridal prep because you couldn’t find the house. An experienced Lancashire wedding photographer should know practically every inch of the county like the back of their hand. I’m based in Preston and cover wedding photography on the Fylde Coast, the Ribble Valley, West Lancs, South Cumbria and all points in between.

3.   Know your wedding venue. Any professional Lancashire wedding photographer worth their salt must have covered a wide range of Lancashire wedding venues. Knowing the venues is about more than being able to find them on a map. It’s knowing the best photo opportunities at each location. Having a rapport with the venue doesn’t do any harm either.

4.   Be a genuine professional. Not a weekend warrior. Not a click-happy iPhone owner, but someone who knows how to compose a shot, how to marshal even the most raucous of wedding crowds, and how to get the most from your wedding venue.

5.   Be with you for the day. I like to think of your wedding day as a story. If my shoot started at the church, I’d effectively be starting the story in the middle, because before you reach the church there’s a whole other story that needs to be told, involving dresses, hair, makeup and (probably) a few nervous moments.

You’ll see the sort of stories a full day of wedding photography can tell here.

Your wedding is so much more than a day. It’s a story you’ll tell again and again. I think capturing it at its very best is something that’s worth investing in. And that’s why, when you’re planning your wedding, it’s worth choosing a Lancashire wedding photographer who can show it at its best.

Tell your story with Luke Richards, Lancashire wedding photographer.