Comparing Whalley wedding photographers?

Struggling to decide which Whalley wedding photographer is right for you? Try these tips…

Get your heart racing
Most professional Whalley wedding photographers will have a website with imagery that looks beautiful. But the right wedding photographer for you is about more than looks. It’s about feeling.

When you see the images that grab you, the ones that pack a real emotional punch – that’s when you know you’re onto something. So ask yourself: which photographer’s images set your heart racing?

Check the photographer
Choosing a wedding photographer is about more than the quality of their work. It’s also about who they are.

So once you’ve checked the portfolio, check the rest of their website and social media to get a feel for whether this is someone you’d want to work with.

You know what your family and friends are like. Now, imagine you’ve a timid, inexperienced wedding photographer trying to get everyone into place. They’d be eaten alive, right?

A wedding photographer needs more than ability behind the camera. They have to be able to step out from behind the tripod and work with your guests to get the shots you want.

That means talking, cajoling, nudging them into place in a friendly, fun but firm way – and you don’t get that without covering a lot of weddings.

Check that portfolio again. Look at the breadth of material in portfolios and blogs. Do they show a variety of weddings, venues and imagery? Because that shows experience.

More for your money?
All Whalley wedding photographers’ prices vary, but sometimes the difference isn’t really the price; it’s what you get for your money.

So when you’re planning your wedding photography, check how much time your money buys you. Check whether your package includes a physical album or a digital one. And make sure that when you’re comparing prices, you’re checking like with like.

Choose your photographer for your Whalley wedding
Take a look at my portfolio and blog. Check my About page and what you get. And give me a call on 07766 385 515 if you need any more information. Then, once you’re happy that I’m the right wedding photographer for your Whalley wedding, I’d love to hear from you.

Tell your story – with wedding photography in Whalley by Luke Richards.