Find a better deal on your Lancashire wedding photography in 2016

Getting married in 2016? You can still find some amazing deals on your Lancashire wedding photography with Luke Richards.

I wouldn’t usually recommend leaving wedding planning to the last minute, but sometimes leaving it late can bring certain advantages…

Like every good Lancashire wedding photographer, most of my availability gets booked up well in advance. But there are always odd gaps in the diary, and sometimes cancellations do happen. Yet the closer we get to those available dates, the less likely they are to be booked up – because you assume I’ll be busy.

Often, I will be, but not always. If there is a gap in the diary, I’d much rather fill it than not. If that means doing a deal on your wedding photography, well, I can live with that.

So if your wedding is fast approaching and you still haven’t got the photography sorted, give me call.

2016 Lancashire wedding photography? Talk to Luke Richards