Let’s make your Garstang wedding photography look like this…

Planning your Garstang wedding? Here’s why choosing a professional wedding photographer matters…

It’s not easy to organise a wedding. So much to do. So many tasks to tick off (and pay for). So it can be tempting to trim a little here and there to make life easier. But if you’re planning a Garstang wedding this year, here’s why professional wedding photography is one corner you shouldn’t cut.

   •  It’s not about the camera. Anyone can wave a clever piece of technology around. But great photography isn’t about the camera you use any more than great writing is about the pen you write with. It’s about understanding what works, and knowing how to turn a good shot into a great shot.

   •  Experience counts. One of the most challenging parts of being a professional Garstang wedding photographer is getting the shots done quickly, and in a way that makes everyone feel at ease – especially people who really don’t like having their photo taken. That’s not something you typically get from someone who’s taking your shots as a favour.

   •  Knowing your Garstang wedding venue is important too, because you can cut to the chase in finding the best locations. From Barton Grange to Bartle Hall, I know where the best images are to be found.

   •  Hire me as your Garstang wedding photographer and I’m with you for the whole day (including bridal prep). That makes for a much more complete picture of your wedding.

   •  As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve got one job to do on your big day. Ask even the most gifted photographer friend to get involved and you’re really asking them to divide their time between duty, family and friends. And that’s not something that tends to work for anyone.

Your wedding is so much more than a day. It’s a story you’ll tell again and again. I think capturing it at its very best is something that’s worth investing in. And that’s why, when you’re planning your Garstang wedding, it’s worth choosing a photographer who can show it at its best.

Tell your story – with Garstang wedding photography by Luke Richards.