Let’s make your Lytham wedding photography look like this…

Planning your Lytham wedding? On the day you’ll never forget, let’s make sure your wedding photography delivers…

It can be a stressful thing, organising your wedding. There’s so much to plan that it can be tempting to take the odd shortcut to make life easier. But if there’s one thing you really shouldn’t cut corners with, it’s the photography. Here’s why:

   •  Ask a friend with a decent camera to cover your Lytham wedding photography and they’ll want to enjoy the day, as well as take your photos. But I’ll be there with one purpose, all day.

   •  Experience really matters. So when you need shots taken fast to beat the weather or stop your guests just wandering off, hiring a professional counts.

   •  As a professional Lytham wedding photographer, you get used to dealing with large groups of people. You know how to get them to do what’s needed to create great images. That’s much harder (if not impossible) when you’re just doing the job as a favour.

   •  I know every Lytham wedding venue inside out. So whether you’re at The Villa or the Clifton Arms, we won’t have to go hunting for the best shots because I already know where they are.

   •  Hire me as your Lytham wedding photographer and I’m with you from morning to evening, from make-up to cake cutting and all the bits in between. That makes for a much more complete picture of your day.

Your wedding is so much more than a day. It’s a story you’ll tell again and again. I think capturing it at its very best is something that’s worth investing in. And that’s why, when you’re planning your Lytham wedding, it’s worth choosing a photographer who can show it at its best.

Tell your story – with Lytham wedding photography by Luke Richards.