Let’s make your Preston wedding photography look like this…

Planning your Preston wedding? On the day you’ll never forget, let’s make sure your photography matches the memories.

It’s a challenge, organising your wedding. With so much to plan and pay for, you need to find ways of trimming a bit here and there to keep to your budget. So it can be tempting to trust your Preston wedding photography to a friend with a fancy camera, or perhaps a whole bunch of friends with their iPhones.

As a Preston wedding photographer, you’d expect me to say that I don’t think that’s a great idea, but here’s why:

   •  I can be with you from hair and makeup in the morning to cake cutting at night. Nothing gets missed.

   •  I’ve done this a lot. So I know what works – and what doesn’t. That means I don’t have to keep you or your guests stood in a field for hours on end. I can get fantastic results fast, so everyone can get on with enjoying the day.

   •  As a professional Preston wedding photographer, you get used to dealing with large groups of people and marshalling them in a way that helps you get great results. Those results take a lot longer when you’re not used to it.

   •  I know every Preston wedding venue inside out. So we won’t have to go hunting for the best spots – I already know where they are.

   •  Hire a Preston wedding photographer and you’ve got someone whose sole purpose is to capture the very best of your day. Ask a friend and you’re asking someone who’s torn between the duty of getting some great shots, and the desire to enjoy themselves.

Your wedding is so much more than a day. It’s a story you’ll tell again and again. I think capturing it at its very best is something that’s worth investing in. And that’s why, when you’re planning your Preston wedding, it’s worth choosing a photographer who can show it at its best.

Tell your story – with Preston wedding photography by Luke Richards.