Whalley wedding photography – discover the whole story

Not so long ago I was showing a completed collection of wedding photographs to a client. In amongst the delight and pride that comes with seeing yourself at your very best, there was another emotion too. And it’s one I never tire of seeing. It was surprise.

“I don’t remember that!” they said. “When did you take that?” and, “Oh, I missed that bit because I was talking to…”

I’m Luke Richards. I’m a wedding photographer in Whalley. I capture the very best of your memories on film. And I help you create new memories by capturing the moments you may have missed.

Your Whalley wedding. Your Whalley wedding photographer.

I do it by becoming a natural, unobtrusive part of your day. No harrying. No herding. No standing around wasting precious time on the most precious day of all. Instead enjoy timeless images of an unforgettable event by a Whalley wedding photographer your guests will probably barely remember.

The secret Whalley wedding photographer

The natural, spontaneous and unexpected can’t be staged. Real emotion is better than asking everyone to fix a grin for ten minutes. Real feelings happen naturally – so why not shoot those?

That’s what I do. I’d love to do it for you. If what I do sounds like your kind of professional wedding photography then please call me on 07766 385 515

Get the complete picture – with Whalley wedding photography by Luke Richards.