What to check when you book your wedding photographer in Lytham St Annes

How on earth do you decide between Lytham St Annes wedding photographer A and Lytham St Annes wedding photographer B? Here are a few tips…

Carefully review the portfolio
I don’t mean flick through the images to see how lovely everything looks. Chances are you’ll find some impressive imagery on every professional wedding photographer’s website.

I mean really look at the images. Some will look great. And some will do more than that. They’ll feel great. They’ll make a connection. When you switch off the iPad, which Lytham St Annes photographer’s images stick with you?

Check the photographer
A wedding photographer’s website can do far more than show you the quality of their work. It can give you an insight into what they’re like as a person.

So don’t skip the About page, and search for any testimonials or reviews. They can give you an immediate feel for whether this is someone you’d want to work with.

Of course experience matters in terms of composing a great shot – but there’s far more to being a Lytham wedding photographer than snapping away from behind a lens all day.

You need to know that your photographer has the experience and confidence to step out from behind the camera and help your guests make really great images.

That means being able to work with everyone who’s a part of your day – venue staff, elderly relatives, young children, friends who’ve hit the bar early and hard, and that bolshy aunt/uncle who always causes trouble.

So check that portfolio again, this time for evidence of experience. Look at the breadth of material in portfolios and blogs. Do they show a variety of weddings, venues and imagery or are you being asked to make a decision based on a tiny sample?

Because if your Lytham St Annes wedding photographer doesn’t have a lot of weddings under their belt, how do you know they’ll have the experience get the best from your family and friends?

More for your money?
All Lytham wedding photographers price their work slightly differently, but it’s important to be able to compare like with like so you know what you’re getting for your money.

Ask how long your coverage lasts. Is it a ceremony to reception deal, or will your wedding photographer be around to tell the whole story of your day, from morning bridal prep to first dance (and beyond if you wish)?

Then there’s the matter of what happens to your images afterwards. Will they be shared digitally? Framed physically? Perhaps a mix of the two? Again, knowing upfront what you’ll receive at the end makes comparing easier and life much simpler.

Choose your photographer for your Lytham St Annes wedding
Take a look at my portfolio and blog. Check my About page and what you get. And give me a call on 07766 385 515 if you need any more information. Then, once you’re happy that I’m the right wedding photographer for your Garstang wedding, I’d love to hear from you.

Tell your story – with wedding photography in Lytham by Luke Richards.