An Autumnal Post-Wedding Portrait

Weddings are many things, but one thing they’re not (usually) is quiet, sedate affairs. For the humble wedding photographer the challenge is to capture a joyous, life-changing moment amid a sea of people all wanting to have their moment with the bride and groom.

Autumn Post Wedding Portrait Photography

You can’t, IMHO, call yourself a professional wedding photographer until you’ve tried to capture a romantic shot while the bride’s mother stands just off camera yelling, “Your Auntie Jean wants a word!”

That’s why a post wedding shoot works so well. Nowhere else to be. Nothing else to do. No one else to see.

Post-wedding photography

Perhaps it rained buckets on the day, limiting our opportunity to get outdoors. Perhaps the dress was attacked by mud, grass or a drunken uncle and his red wine. Perhaps you feel there was so much going on during the big day that you want another opportunity to wear that dress and have more shots taken in peace.

That’s what we did here. No stress. No time limits. Just glorious post wedding photography that made the most of the surroundings, the autumnal colours and the relaxed atmosphere.

Cherish the dress

A growing number of brides are realising that the wedding day doesn’t have to be the last day they wear the dress. A cherish the dress shoot (or trash the dress shoot if you really want to go wild) is your chance to enjoy the dress without any of the attendant pressure.

If you’d like to give your dress a whole new lease of life, contact me.

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