Lancashire wedding photography with added kerpow!

Batman, Hulk and Captain America are at the Village Hotel in Cheadle for a wedding. No, it’s not the set up for a joke; it’s a superhero inspired wedding reception.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. I’ve photographed weddings with pipers, drummers, llamas (or were they alpacas?) and cows. I’ve been to Preston weddings where everyone had to wear something that matched the colour scheme, and I’ve been at Lancashire wedding venues where wellies were the order of the day.

For Emma and Rick’s wedding, it was the groom and groomsmen stealing the show. Beneath that oh so respectable wedding veneer they were concealing secret identities. Well, they would have been secret if they hadn’t ripped their shirts open. The superhero socks and cufflinks were a bit of a giveaway too.

They arrived in a stretch limo (presumably the Batmobile was in for a service), each delivered a speech and then… well, I want to say they disappeared silently into the night but actually they hit the bar and spent quite a lot of time on the dance floor.

And that’s what I love about being a Lancashire wedding photographer. There’s always something new; always someone ready to surprise you.

Take a leaf out of Emma and Rick’s book. Defy convention. Do something fun. Do something you love. Just ask me to be your wedding photographer when you do it…

Let’s talk about your Lancashire wedding photography.