The family portrait – New Year’s resolution No. 1

Admit it. Every year, you talk about how you really must get around to arranging a proper, professional family portrait before everyone grows up. Make this year the year you actually do it.

Wendy's Family Portrait Photo Shoot

That’s exactly the situation Wendy found herself in recently. She’d wanted a family portrait for years and like most people it remained firmly on the to-do list. Fortunately, Wendy has some rather wonderful friends who decided that if she was never going to get around to it, they would. They bought her a family portrait shoot as a birthday gift.

And here’s the result: a family portrait to love, display and cherish – but far more importantly than that, a snapshot of a moment in time when the kids were this age, and mum and dad looked like this.

You can’t put a price on memories – but you can give them as birthday gifts. To book your family portrait photography, or to give it as a gift, contact me here.

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