The kids’ portraits – New Year’s resolution No. 2

You can’t stop them growing up, but at least you can capture them doing it.

Jenny's Portrait Photography Shoot Preston

I’m a dad, so I know exactly what it’s like. One minute you’re thinking you really must get a professional portrait of your children before they grow up; then next minute you find they already have.

Everyone says “they grow up so fast”. It’s become a bit of a hoary old cliché. But if you’re wanting to take a portrait of your children to capture a particular age or a specific moment in time, you really had best turn your attention to getting it done, as opposed to thinking about getting it done.

Take Jenny. She’s 14, and whatever amazing things she does in her life, one thing is absolutely certain: she’ll never be 14 again. That’s why mum wanted a professionally taken portrait as a Christmas present for dad.

Keep thinking about getting a portrait of your children? Make this year the year you do something about it. You’ll find me here.

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