Claire and John Cairns Wedding in Harrogate

Claire and John Cairns, White Hart Hotel, Harrogate

“You may kiss the bride.” Big moment. And for any professional photographer, not one you want to miss. Fortunately, every now and again you meet a bride and groom so comfortable with an on-screen smacker that you get to capture kiss after kiss after kiss.

So here’s the story of Claire and John’s Harrogate wedding, in 5 kisses:

Kiss 1


The ‘just married’ moment, with some lovely depth of field courtesy of that huge star on the back wall. As a Lancashire wedding photographer (today moonlighting over the Pennine border) you realise there’s a (kind of) art to kissing in public. I’ve seen brides practically devour the groom. And I’ve seen bashfulness get in the way of a good shot. You’ll see over the course of these images that Claire and John really do have it down to a fine art…

Kiss 2

For me, wedding photography is about making best use of what’s around you. And what was around us at this point was a whopping great mirror. I love the way the reflection gives you another angle on the moment.

Kiss 3

A nearby park was the perfect place to bring some natural light to the images. This is about as literal an interpretation of ‘framing a shot’ as you can get: one kiss, two people, and a mighty archway.

Kiss 4

Again in the park (thank you, Harrogate for staying dry). This time the trellis above the bride and groom’s head lends a sense of real perspective to the image. Harrogate wedding photography (and a kiss) – now in 3D. Well, almost.

Kiss 5

I spend my life photographing weddings in Lancashire (and occasionally Yorkshire). So I’ve heard more wedding bands, seen more cake cutting, and eaten more leftover buffet food than most people. But this was a bit special. Fish and chips, a cracking band, and some truly affecting speeches. Which was the reason for our final kiss of the day.

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