Julie & Bob Phelps Wedding at St Cuthbert’s Church

That’s dedication

Weddings are all about dedication. But at Julie and Bob Phelps’ wedding in November, dedication was shown by more than the bride and groom.

A bride and groom set the agenda for their wedding (and Julie and Bob’s was as joyous as any), but it’s made a success by a host of people.

In this case, one of those people was piper and toastmaster Barry McQueen. He also happens to be Blackpool’s town crier. Shortly before Julie and Bob’s wedding, Barry received the news that he had cancer. One operation later Barry was back at work. He presided over this wedding just a few days after his op because he didn’t want to let anyone down.


That’s dedication. And Barry also happens to be a Preston wedding photographer’s dream, adding energy and heart to every shot he’s in.

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