Top 4 wedding trends 2014

Spend enough time photographing Lancashire weddings and you start to notice certain themes cropping up again and again. This year’s wedding trends are proving brides and grooms are as inventive and outdoors-y as they’ve ever been. So here, in a completely non-scientific way, are my top 4 wedding trends of 2014. They also happen to be the sort of boho chic, vintage weddings that look amazing on camera.

1 The Country Festival-Themed Wedding
Wellies are big this year. Given our summers I guess wellies are always big, but this year festival themed weddings are seeing brides and guests don wellies to enjoy outdoor edibles, outdoor photo booths and outdoor entertainment. From this Lancashire wedding photographer’s point of view, so much natural light washing over so many points of interest makes for some fantastically fresh shots.

2 The Camping/Glamping Wedding
You spend years as a Lancashire wedding photographer and still you can be surprised by some of the venues that now host weddings. Take Stanley Villa Farm Campsite in Lancashire, for example. Not an obvious choice perhaps, but when you take a glorious day like this (at Pamela and Allen’s wedding) you can see why the rustic charm of a camping/glamping wedding is increasingly popular.

3. The Country Fete Wedding
I’ve not yet attended a wedding with a maypole and morris dancing, but they wouldn’t be out of place at events for which the words ‘vintage’ and ‘charming’ were invented. The effort taken over creating that vintage wedding feel is staggering - and it’s the wedding photography that benefits most.

The essential ingredients for an authentic country fete vintage wedding?

  • Lots of bunting
  • Jam jars full of wild flowers
  • Volkswagen camper vans

4. The Hippy-Chic Wedding
Flowers in the hair, an outdoor bandstand, teepees and vintage VW campervans are the essential ingredients of a boho chic wedding. For extra authenticity points, you’ll also need a sexy caravan, crocheted bunting and a Victoria sponge cake!

I realise I’m looking at these weddings from a Lancashire wedding photographer’s point of view. So I get excited by the things a guest may not immediately notice – the fantastic natural light, the design style and the depth you only get from big skies, big fields and big tents. But actually, it’s my experience that everyone does notice eventually. They notice it in the way the wedding makes them feel. And isn’t that what a wedding is all about?

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