My Lancashire Wedding Venues – Barton Grange

I spend most of my year at Lancashire’s best wedding venues. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts from the perspective of your wedding photographer – the sort of things you’re unlikely to find on a review site.

No, it’s not part of the garden centre anymore (that’s further up the A6) – this is Barton Grange Hotel, home to the Walled Garden and some of the very best wedding food I’ve sampled. It’s not that I spend my time at Lancashire’s wedding venues pigging myself, but every now and again someone lovely remembers the wedding photographer and fetches me a plate of food. And when they fetch you food at Barton Grange you’re in for something of a treat. I’m getting off-topic. Weddings, right…

You have lots of lovely wedding venues in Lancashire to choose from. On the one hand are the halls and lodges with their large grounds and well-manicured lawns. They’re a wedding photographer’s dream but from a practicality point of view they can’t always accommodate huge numbers (although there are exceptions) and room numbers are limited, so most guests invariably end up staying off site.

Then there are the hotels. Yes, you may sacrifice the heritage, the grounds and the exclusivity, but on the other hand, you can invite the world to your evening ‘do’ and still have room (and often budget) to spare.

And that’s what makes Barton Grange Hotel a great Lancashire wedding venue. You don’t have to invite everyone you know, but with room for over 200 people you could if you wanted to.

As I’m flitting from table to table and person to person I’ll tend to pick up the odd snippet about the wedding venues at which I’m working. At Barton Grange Hotel, what I tend to overhear are staff who are on the ball and attentive, and guests who appreciate really good service. It’s not like this everywhere…

And did I mention the food?

You can find more about Barton Grange Hotel here, and if you’d like to talk to a Lancashire wedding photographer about your wedding you’ll find me here.

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