5 wedding photography tips for brides and grooms

You’ve more than enough to think about on your wedding day without adding a wedding photography to-do list to the mix. So here are some short, sweet and simple ways you can get great wedding photo results, without having to try too hard.

Know what makes a great wedding photograph? Naturalness. Now we all know your wedding day is not an everyday occurrence, and you’re bound to feel a few nerves, but the sooner you can turn nervous glances and timid smiles into relaxed, carefree, natural expressions the better. And one way you can do that is by keeping your…

Head up
Nerves tend to send chins into chests. But when you straighten your back, lift your head and look out instead of down, you not only create a better wedding photo; you feel calmer and more confident too.

Be realistic with timings
Before your wedding we’ll have talked about your photography and the must-have group shots (you know the sort of thing: uncles and aunts, grandparents, brothers and sisters, work colleagues).

But here’s a tip: wrangling people so they’re all in the right place at the right time – especially at a large venue – can eat up time like you wouldn’t believe. So to keep everyone smiling, talk to me beforehand about your organised group shots. We can make sure there’s time to fit them all in.

Leave it to me
It’s your job to enjoy the day. It’s not your job to marshal your guests into place for the wedding photography. For larger groups I may ask for a hand from the best man, maid of honour or ushers to gather everyone together. We might even prep a list of people for each shot beforehand. But leave the rest to me.

Planning something amazing for the big day? By all means keep it a secret from everyone else, but let your wedding photographer know, just so they can get themselves in position…

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